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Unique Standard Features of Storm EN 840 Containers

Extra Strength provides longer service life over other container products.

Using our industry knowledge and years of supplying spares, we have an unrivalled insight into how to make containers more robust. This has allowed us to introduce a range of unique features as standard on Storm European Standard EN 840 containers.

Castor Brackets

Collection vehicle lifts will often drive containers into the ground at the end of the emptying cycle. Our Storm design engineers have observed that on other manufacturers’ containers this can cause the container base and body to sustain severe damage in the castor bracket area, resulting in castor failure. This is a major reason for containers to need rectification. We have addressed this on Storm EN 840 containers with castor brackets incorporated between the base and body panels, giving extreme strength to this area of the container.

Full Body Pressing

We include a full body pressing in addition to the inside reinforcing buffer plates. This gives extra strength to prevent damage from the lifting vehicle sweep bar.

Recessed Inside Buffer Plates

Our recessed inside reinforcing buffer plates protect the front of the container from damage by the lifting vehicle sweep bar. There are also no snag points for waste to catch on.

Reinforced Corners

Top body corners are reinforced with deep pressings. This helps to keep the top of the container from distorting and when this is allied to the extra thick top frame tubing, the result is high strength and rigidity in this important area.

Castor Bracket Strengthening Ribs

All castor brackets have pressed strengthening ribs to help prevent castor buckling, which on other manufacturers containers leads to base and body damage, also resulting in castor failure.

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