Committed to the UK – Storm benefit the economy by being true to their beliefs in service and support

As a leading supplier of 4-wheeled containers for UK waste and recycling, we’re fully dedicated and invested in our service in the UK.

Storm is hugely beneficial to the British economy, with all operations being locally based with local employees and our innovative products, conceptualised, designed, tested and built in the UK are tackling a variety of environmental concerns.

Growing our business and continuing to increase our team of experts is vital to our contribution to the UK economy. We recently employed 10 new members of staff in manufacturing customer service roles. This dedication to British manufacturing, quality assurance and maintaining a personal relationship with our clients doesn’t only ensure customer satisfaction – it creates local jobs.

In addition to our 10 new employees in customer service roles, we have recently appointed Chris Graham, an account manager based in the north of England and north Wales. This allows Storm to concentrate the roles of the Sales team into specific areas of the UK and Ireland with dedicated area account managers.

We were very keen to get account managers situated in specific areas around the UK for improved response and customer service, but also to have an expert at hand to meet you locally.

UK Built

All of our bins are built in the UK. We have invested over £500,000 into our UK manufacturing systems, including powder coating and a rotary moulding machine for container lids – one of the largest of this kind of machine in the UK. Thanks to our incredible in-house capabilities, we have reduced the need to depend on overseas suppliers.

Once our containers are built, we ship them using our very own fleet of double-deck tail lift transporters. We’re dedicated to maximising our environmental friendliness and minimising carbon emissions, and our transporters allow us to deliver 80 110L Storm waste containers, or 110 660L containers, in a single load.


Archie Logan, Sales Director elaborates on Storm’s focus on UK waste and recycling manufacture:

“Manufacturing is often referred to as the beating heart of the UK economy. Significantly, it employs millions of people, makes up a significant percentage of the economy’s output and has a reputation for helping to contribute to a dynamic and modern country.

These fundamentals and beliefs are shared here at Storm. Our growth in the UK over the last few years has contributed to the creation of new jobs, to the continuation and increase of UK-based manufacturing, whilst upholding its reputation for quality.

We’ve invested heavily in equipment, staff and training and are proud to be doing all of that here in the UK.”

UK Quality

At Storm, we believe in excellence and a commitment to quality. Our products include a full body pressing in addition to inside reinforcing buffer plates; with over 100 years of combined experience in waste management, we know exactly which parts of the container see the most wear and tear from collection vehicles, and thus need the most reinforcement. Storm’s waste and recycling containers are built in the UK and built to last.

The quality of our containers are attested by our British Standards Institution certification. We are also certified with Quality Management Systems ISO 9001-2015 and Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001-2015; the reliability of our products is not something you need to just take our word for, our approvals do all the talking.


UK Service

We’re more than just a manufacturer of products for waste management; we work alongside our customers to provide technical support every step of the way, because according to Archie:

“Customer service is paramount to serve our vision and manifest our company culture. A culture of being big enough to matter but small enough to care.”

All Storm team members are well-trained in the particulars of our product range, options and spares. When things don’t go according to plan for our clients, our team is on hand to resolve concerns and provide that much needed technical support.


UK Focus

With an unremitting dedication to exceptional manufacturing, quality and service, Storm’s UK-focussed vision was born and by being true to these beliefs, Storm have grown to become the leading UK manufacturer of 4-wheeled waste and recycling containers, which Archie equates to being:

“An accolade that is well deserved, one we will cherish and abide to with an unsparing focus. Our vision is clear for anyone to see, our commitment is obvious and our promise to continuously improve should give our clients every confidence in our service.”

For more information on Storm’s range of UK waste and recycling containers, check our product range online or call us on 01562 777100 to get in touch with an account manager local to you.