Storm Environmental Ltd.

COVID-19: Update for customers

Update on current developments of the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak

The rapidly spreading coronavirus has caused a situation that is changing daily both for the Company and all World Society. However as a Company we can do many things to control our own position.

Our first priority remains keeping our customers, communities, staff and communications safe.

Since receiving news of the original outbreak in early February, we immediately implemented our Business Continuity Plan.  As part of this Storm has been monitoring our supply lines and taking action to ensure we have the ability to supply our customer base without any disruption. Currently we have huge stocks of all materials required to service our customers’ requirements and many months requirement of container body stocks of all sizes are in our stock yard. Our finishing lines including the lid Roto Moulding plant are working as normal with extra stocks in place to ensure demand is met.

We would like to thank our suppliers and team members for their exceptional actions at this time.

As a Company Storm is observing all protocols which the UK Government and Health Authorities have put in place. Particular care is being taken with personal hygiene and social distancing where possible.

We want to assure our customers that despite the current challenges our organization will always be available for you so you can obtain information as you require it. Our customer service team are available for contact by telephone or by email from 8.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and contingencies are in place in the event if any members needing to stay at home and self-isolate. If customers need a personal visit, one of our account managers or technical team member will come to your site as long as permitted by official regulations and your own business protocols. In addition our Directors and Managers will be pleased to be contacted at any time around the clock.

At this time we are encouraging our suppliers to keep personal contact to a minimum and also ensure any of their delivery teams observe our own in house Coronavirus precautions.

Our own delivery team have been instructed in best practice to ensure the risk of spreading the virus is eliminated when on customer premises and we ask that our customers help them to observe these rules and inform them of any addition requirements at the customer’s site.

We remain vigilant and flexible to continue our high service levels to our customers and at the same time observe the regulations issued by Government and Health Authorities which are designed to slow down the infection rate of COVID-19 and give our healthcare system more time to act for all the communities benefit

Anton Taylor. Executive Chairman