Introducing our NEW promotional video – ‘It’s time to weather the storm and support UK businesses’

At Storm Environmental, we are delighted to share with you our brand-new promotional video entitled ‘It’s time to weather the storm and support UK businesses’. To ensure our position as a leader in waste container manufacturing, we have invested a massive £1 million in our NEW rotary moulding machine, the largest in the UK!

The new machine has been responsible for increased capacity, new capabilities and has helped create local jobs. Storm want to say a big thank you to our staff for keeping the machine running and for playing a huge part in keeping the business operational throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are proud to debut our state of the art rotary moulding machine, which is the largest in the United Kingdom. Costing over £1 million, the rotary moulding machine is a key asset within our manufacturing process and has allowed us to take our innovation and creativity to the next level.

Ian Powell, Sales Director

Research and Development

Meanwhile, Storm also continue to invest in research and development, with around £500,000 spent recently to ensure our products are at the cutting edge of waste container technology. With over 100 years of experience in the waste management industry and supply of wheeled containers, we have a strong belief in excellence and commitment to quality.

Research and development are fundamental to Storm’s ability to keep innovating and bringing robust, high quality products to the waste container market. It was through our research that we developed our revolutionary Storm FEL Lid, which elevated our waste containers to an even higher standard.

Close industry support

It is important to not forget our key message of supporting local businesses. We provide our customers with products and solutions that are timely, high quality and competitively priced. The video includes shots of our range of products, including:

  • Domestic and Commercial containers
  • Extra strength spares
  • Recycling containers
  • EuroPal four-wheeled containers

One of our most valued local suppliers, Joseph Ash Galvanizers, has also stayed determined to maintain production throughout the last few months. Building and maintaining a strong supplier partnership is an essential link in Storm’s infrastructure.

Storm Troopers

We are excited and proud that the video includes some of our hard-working Storm Troopers, who continuously support one another in getting supplies to our UK Midlands container manufacturing facility. The Storm Troopers’ commitment to meeting customer’s needs and providing excellent service is unparalleled. We have specialists throughout the company that work to ensure that each Storm container is built to the highest standard of quality and meets the environmental standard.

The video provides a small snapshot into the variety of work that our team engages in to create our high-quality products made with the best waste container technology. From our waste container engineers, to our lorry loaders and our factory workers, each member is just as important as the next. At Storm, we understand the importance and requirement of exceptional people to provide exceptional service. Our team is exactly that, full of hard-working, dedicated, and friendly individuals that are happy to answer any queries or requests for information.

The short, yet detailed video gives a unique look at our great team, our innovative manufacturing process and our brilliant new rotary moulding machine. We are a proud company from the United Kingdom that creates products that are designed for life and built to exceed it.

Let’s keep the wheels of the country turning and moving towards a brighter and stronger future.