Introducing: The NEW Steel Fire-Safe Lid

We are delighted to introduce our brand new ‘Fire-safe’ steel lid.

Steel lids have always been considered as a useful but dangerous option to have on waste containers given the extra weight & sharp edges involved, but for around 18 months our R&D team have tirelessly been working to develop & design an aesthetically pleasing and more importantly a safe option for our customers to have on their bins.

The lid is made out of a lightweight drawn steel, moulded into a design mirroring our plastic lids and is available on our 1100 & 1280 litre sizes.

They can be utilised for a number of different reasons with the obvious one being risk of fire involved with waste containers. Should a container be set on fire then it would be completely contained within our steel body & steel lid, minimising the chance of a fire spreading and causing potential catastrophic damage. Other demand for the steel lid has been brought on by issues of vermin chewing through the usual plastic lids & them not being strong enough for the day to day demands involved with the operation of collecting commercial trade waste as well.