Introducing: The NEW Storm FEL Lid

Following on from our recent £500,000 investment for our state of the art rotary moulding machine, it is with great delight that we can now announce our brand new product offering of the Storm FEL (front end loader) double skinned lid!

Storm FEL

Available in any colour, the lid offers the following key features…

  • 3 x hinge knuckles
  • Double skinned
  • Strategically positioned pressings where the lids encounter stress
  • Designed to allow rain water to run off
  • No stepping warning signs
  • No hot ashes warning signs
  • Options for logos & telephone number to be added
  • Lids are stackable for efficient freight
  • Weight: 7.5kg
  • Plastic LMDPE UV stabilized oil, chemical and frost resistant

Should you be interested in a quotation then please get in touch with either our customer services team on 01562 777100 or contact your dedicated account manager. To find out who your account manager is, please see our sales team page – https://www.stormenviro.co.uk/team.