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Carousel rotational moulding machine – modification or replacement of oven doors

March 10th 2021

Storm Environmental Ltd has a 4.5m 4 arm carousel rotational moulding machine at its site in Stourport-on-Severn, DY13 9LW. The oven has one entry and one exit door, both of the same thick steel construction. The doors move on a rail powered by a motor.

Because of the heavy weight of the doors the time taken to open and close takes approximately 40 seconds each way, during this time significant heat is lost from the oven.

It has been identified that the doors could be modified or replaced, resulting in lighter weight insulated doors, with modifications to the door mechanism to enable the doors to open and close quicker. This would reduce the heat loss and reduce the cycle time.

Storm require this work to be completed by 31 August 2021, on a schedule that fits in with the work times of the machine, this means work on the machine would need to be scheduled between 10am Friday – 4am Monday in order that the working capacity of the machine is not reduced.

The payment terms will be 30 days from invoice date, invoice to be issued once work is complete and signed off by our team as fit for purpose.

Tender scoring criteria:

Tender closing date: 26 March 00:00 hours
Please email tender responses to help@stormenviro.co.uk

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