New tooling investment amplifies Storm’s Reverse Lid offering to customers

The success of the Storm Reverse Lid, from its trials in Hackney to its ability to easily direct councils, businesses and residents in their efforts to increase Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) has been overwhelming.

Because of this, further investment in tooling on our state-of-the-art rotation moulding machine means that the Reverse Lid can be fitted to the Taylor 1100 litre container. Whilst recommended for use with Storm’s 1280 litre container, we also recognise the demand for fitting our first-of-its-kind lid to existing containers, especially those in high service.

Why is the 1280 litre recommended?

Due to its design and ability to collect more lightweight materials for DMR using the same footprint as 1100 litre containers, Storm’s 1280 litre is ideal for environmental projects like the one initiated by Hackney Council.

These trials were designed to sustain the environment for the residents of Hackney and future generations by increasing Dry Mixed Recycling and reducing the amount of waste to landfill.

Aside from the evident environmental benefits, this will reduce associated waste costs. The landfill tax rate as of 1st April 2018 (which applies to all waste) is at £88.95/tonne.

Supply and demand

Recognising the requirements of customers and prospects beyond that of issuing a brand-new container fitted with the Reverse Lid, the further tooling investment will help them to cut costs by ordering Reverse Lids to fit their current container types.

The Reverse Lid can be fitted to Storm’s 1280 and 1100 litre containers and ordered individually as spares for existing containers at this size. Thanks to our new tooling investment, the same lid can be ordered individually for Taylor’s own 1100 litre container.

Storm’s investment in innovation to satisfy the environmental, practical and cost demands of its customers is ongoing; by listening to demand, the relationship between these essential purchasing factors has been satisfied.

If you’re interested in the benefits of the Reverse Lid and other Storm products, please call us on 01562 777100, enquire here or use the links below.

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