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EuroPal Four-wheeled Containers

Extra Strength provides longer service life over other container products.

Storm EuroPal 940 & 720 containers fit into the same space as the circular 1.25 cubic yard and elliptical 1 cubic yard Paladin containers.


  • Compatible with all popular comb lift vehicles in the UK
  • 200mm steel centred wheels with rubber tyres
  • Foot operated parking brakes to the two front castors
  • pressed steel drop bottom base gives good stability
  • Reinforcing flat section prevents damage to the container from the lifting vehicle sweep bar
  • Internal welding of the body seams prevents waste acid ingress
  • Danish manoeuvring handles
  • Unique strengthened castor bracket configuration
  • Once manufactured the EuroPal is hot dipped galvanized
  • An option for the 940 EuroPal is an integrated double skinned plastic lid.

Quality Standards & Approvals

  • BS ISO 9001:2015
  • BS ISO 14001:2015
  • Noise emissions in the Environment 2000/14/EC

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Technical Specifications

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