Reverse Recycling Containers

Reverse Lid Recycling Containers

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Reverse Lid Recycling Containers
New concept, big results

Designed to reduce contamination in dry mixed recycling, and therefore reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill, the reverse lid has already made quite an impression. Easy to use, the size of the loading aperture ensures that only suitable materials are discarded.

Available on our 1280, 1100, 660 and 500 litre capacity bins, the reverse lid has proven to be another successful Storm product in the UK, as it is one of a kind.


  • Powder coating
  • Tow fittings
  • Restrictor plates
  • Lid lock
  • RFID tagging
  • Din lifting points
  • Custom logo & graphics
Customisable Customisable Decals on reverse side Decals on reverse side EN840, BS 9001:2015 & BS 14001 Compliant EN840, BS 9001:2015 & BS 14001 Compliant For use with comb lift vehicles For use with comb lift vehicles Promotes Good Recycling Promotes Good Recycling Reduces cross contamination Reduces cross contamination
1280L waste container
1280L capacity with 440kg load
1100L waste container
1100L capacity with 440kg load
660L waste container
660L capacity with 265kg load


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