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See Through Containers

Extra Strength provides longer service life over other container products.

The See Through 1100 litre container is designed for the storage and collection of dry mixed recyclables. Available with front, side or a combination of both viewing panel types.


  • All standard features of the EN840 container
  • Strong thick poly-carbonate clear plastic viewing windows
  • Extremely heavy steel fabrication to protect viewing windows from damage
  • If Polycarbonate windows need to be replaced or cleaned they can be removed with special key
  • Any contamination of recycled materials can be spotted by emptying crews avoiding spoiling the contents of the full vehicle load
  • Prevents rejection of recycled materials by processing mills
  • Enables unauthorised persons who may be sleeping in the container to be seen, preventing injury or even death
  • Contents of the container can be viewed from the outside, there is no need to stop to lift the lid to ascertain fill levels
  • Community can see that the container is still able to take waste combating the issue of users leaving bags by the side of the container because they presume it is full

Quality Standards & Approvals

  • BS ISO 9001:2015
  • BS ISO 14001:2015
  • Noise emissions in the Environment 2000/14/EC

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Technical Specifications

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