Reverse Lid Recycling Bin – first of its kind trialled in Hackney

Storm Environmental is pleased to announce that we are working alongside Hackney Council to trial our specialised Reverse Lid recycling bins. Storm are the first to bring this innovative new product to market.

This trial is part of Hackney Council’s efforts to increase recycling and we’re thrilled that our products are being used by residents in Hackney.

Storm is constantly conceptualising, designing and bringing to market the products that meet the waste management requirements of our customers and beyond. We’re serious about developing innovative new products that will truly lead the way within our industry. The Reverse Lid is exemplary of that philosophy; it’s the very first of its kind.

Benefits of the Reverse Lid:

This trial has seen 40 new bins introduced to several estates, so residents in these communities should be able to recycle with ease. The size of the lid apertures is one of the main frustration for residents when recycling. The larger apertures of the Reverse Lid make it easier to dispose of carrier bags of mixed recycling, as well as large format, flattened cardboard. These larger apertures also help reduce the amount of recycling bags dumped next to the bins.

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In combination with another one of our options, Storm Press2Lock, these bins can be locked shut by just pushing on the lid in the area of the lock. It can then be unlocked with a special shaped key by collection crew, stopping unauthorised use and non-recyclable material from being placed in the recycling bins, reducing contamination.

Investment in design & development

We have invested over £500,000 into our UK manufacturing systems, including powder coating and a rotary moulding machine for container lids – one of the largest of this kind of machine in the UK.

But before manufacture, comes concept, design and prototyping. Storm have invested in the latest CAD and 3D modelling software to ensure that the best concepts can be processed quickly for viability and functionality. From concept to prototype, our ideas undergo stringent assessments before they go into full-scale production. Our on-site and dedicated test laboratories ensure that these processes are accomplished to an exemplary standard.

Storm’s dedication to investing in the latest technologies, finding the right solutions to client requirements and setting industry standards are what make our products and our relationships the very best.

The potential increase in DMR

Hackney has seen an overall increase in recycling in recent years, reaching 27% of their overall waste, and they aim to raise that figure higher with the help of Storm’s products. The potential for large increases in dry mixed recycling (DMR) is paramount in these trials, as Storm and Hackney council collaborate to help sustain the environment for the residents of Hackney and future generations.

By separating dry mixed recyclables, you reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. Aside from the evident environmental benefits, this will reduce associated waste costs. The landfill tax rate as of 1st April 2018 (which applies to all waste) is at £88.95/tonne.

Storm will keep you updated on the results of the trial, using this news and our social feeds. As previously mentioned, potential reduction in the waste that ends up in landfill is paramount, but very achievable, especially thanks to our new and innovative solutions.

If you’re interested in the benefits of the Reverse Lid and other Storm products, please call us on 01562 777100, enquire here or use the links below.

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