See Through 1100 Litre Waste Container – Why it’s important to know what’s inside your bins

In our recent series of blogs, including the introduction of the first of its kind, Reverse Lid bin, Hackney trials and a new tooling investment, we have singled-out the importance of increasing dry mixed recycling (DMR) and reducing the amount of waste to landfill. Storm take the issue seriously and it becomes the focal point of design and manufacturing considerations for many of our products, including the Storm See Through 1100 Litre Waste Container.

The See Through 1100 Litre Waste Container doesn’t stop at combating recycling efforts. Read on to discover how it prevents another major industry issue.

Dry Mixed Recycling – Storage and collection

The See Through 1100 Litre Waste Container is designed for the storage and collection of dry mixed recyclables, making the process of identifying any contamination of recyclables straight-forward, thanks to front and/or side panel viewing sections.

These see through panels are critical for emptying crews whose priorities will include the need to avoid spoiling the contents of a full vehicle load, later preventing any rejection of recycled materials by processing mills.

From a user’s perspective, contents of the container can be viewed from the outside, therefore avoiding the need to stop to lift the lid and ascertain fill levels. When the community can see that the container is still able to take waste, the issue of left bags beside the container is also rectified. There is no presumptions on fill levels or excuses for not making the most of its capacity.

There is another reason why clear visibility of container content is critical. Storm’s See Through 1100 Litre Waste Container combats issues beyond the recycling requirements of its users.

Rising number of rough sleepers using waste containers

The benefits from a dry mixed recycling and user perspective are clear but there are other issues that may not immediately come to mind, for which this same container can benefit authorities.

The concern about the number of people sleeping in waste containers has been a hot topic within the industry for going on 10 years now. The unexpected consequence of a rise in rough sleepers has become a real issue for local authorities and waste management firms, who recorded dramatic increases in rough sleepers using waste containers from 2014 to the present day. Across the UK, 11 people were killed between 2011 and 2016, according to the Environmental Services Association (ESA).

The refuse collection industry has issued safety guidance to bin lorry drivers on how to prevent homeless people from being crushed in compaction units and Storm are approaching the issue in a simple but very effective way – The See Through 1100 Litre Waste Container allows refuse collectors to see directly into the bin before it gets lifted, preventing serious injury or even death.

See Through 1100 Litre Waste Container durability and maintenance

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The See Through 1100 litre includes all of the standard features associated with the EN840 container, benefiting from numerous Quality Standards & Approvals including BS ISO 9001:2015, BS ISO 14001:2015 and Noise emissions in the Environment 2000/14/EC.

The strong, thick polycarbonate clear plastic viewing windows are surrounded by an extremely heavy steel fabrication to provide the protection they’ll need from lifting vehicles, daily use and the kind of environments where they may be situated.

The extra strength from the heavy steel fabrication actually makes the See Through 1100 Litre Waste Container a longer-lasting container compared to many equivalents and competitor models.

Maintaining the clarity of and visibility through the windows is vital and Storm identified this during the design process, making the polycarbonate panels replaceable and easy to clean. This is achievable thanks to a special key which easily removes the panels from the container body.

Keep an eye out for our See Through 1100 Litre Waste Container product spotlight video in the coming days!