Storm Environmental is delighted to have supported Oxford Direct Services (in partnership with Oxford City Council) with their recent efforts to improve contamination levels of waste containers in high rise flats throughout the city. It has been achieved through rolling out Storms 1100 Litre “See-through” containers with a recycling flap aperture lid, restricting what can be deposited by the residents.

For the last few months we have used Storm’s see- through bins at flat sites where contamination is an on-going issue. Most of the sites have 1100L bins and it can be difficult to see the contents of a bin before it’s tipped. Storm’s see- through bins allow crews to see the contents before tipping and we have collected more recycling from these sites as a result.

Lauren Bartlett – Flats Recycling Officer at Oxford Direct Services
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Above: Oxford Direct Services Flats Recycling Officer Lauren Bartlett & Storm Account Manager Seb Little alongside their Storm see-through 1100’s.

Having listened to Oxford & seeing the problems they were encountering we agreed that the See-Through containers would be the best solution for them & we are delighted to see the results they have had since the containers have been in situ.

Seb Little, Account Manager

Dry Mixed Recycling – Storage and collection

The See Through 1100 Litre Waste Container is designed for the storage and collection of dry mixed recyclables, making the process of identifying any contamination of recyclables straight-forward, thanks to front and/or side panel viewing sections.

These see through panels are critical for emptying crews whose priorities will include the need to avoid spoiling the contents of a full vehicle load, later preventing any rejection of recycled materials by processing mills.

From a user’s perspective, contents of the container can be viewed from the outside, therefore avoiding the need to stop to lift the lid and ascertain fill levels. When the community can see that the container is still able to take waste, the issue of left bags beside the container is also rectified. There is no presumptions on fill levels or excuses for not making the most of its capacity.

For more information please visit – https://www.stormenviro.co.uk/products/see-through-containers/