Storm continues to innovate with accessible waste container

Storm Environmental has recently launched a new, first-of-its-kind waste container that is more accessible for wheelchair users who wish to recycle.

Following a successful trial period, the 1280 litre container, known as a DDA bin, is another ground-breaking innovation from Storm. It has recently been implemented in Brighton & Hove, with a view to eventually rolling out the bin to other local areas.

Originally, elderly and disabled residents felt that they could not recycle by using existing containers due to accessibility issues, as they could not reach the lid and discard their recycling, so a request was made to the council to find other solution. This is where Storm stepped in to help, providing a container with an aperture on the front big enough for wheelchair users to insert their waste into.

The bin is making a big difference for elderly and disabled people. It’s nice to be independent and be able to do the recycling ourselves.

Ann Packham, resident

The container is a modified version of Storm’s reverse lid bin, designed for recycling. This means it can still be used by people who wish to recycle by using the lid rather than the aperture.

Storm accessible bin photo
Brighton & Hove resident Ann Packham using Storm’s new DDA accessible waste container

A gap in the market

The helpful new solution from Storm has been well received by the council and its residents, and just goes to show how a small change can make a massive difference.

This innovation from Storm continues to reinforce our position as the market leader. We are always looking to find creative solutions to issues within the waste industry.

Archie Logan, Sales Director

There are also trials in Islington, London, as Storm awaits feedback from the area about how the new bins have been received. We hope that this will lead to Storm being able to roll out the bins to other London boroughs.

Just like with other Storm 1280 waste containers, the lid can be supplied to the colour of your choosing, alongside any other colour-specific uses. We can work to your specifications to get your new waste container looking and working in optimum condition. Other options include RFID tagging, din lifting points and customised printed graphics and logos.



For more information on our new container, or if you are interested in introducing it to your business or local area, contact us now.