Storm lifts the lid on its new unique product

Storm Environmental continues to innovate within the waste container industry, most recently with the unveiling of our latest product: a first-of-its-kind lightweight but heavy-duty steel lid.

The strong steel lid is an optional feature when purchasing our 1100 and 1280 litre containers. It features smooth edges to protect those using it, and even with the extra sturdiness, it is comparable in weight to our plastic lid. The steel lid will also contain any waste fires by starving the fire of oxygen, so any fire will quickly extinguish itself without spreading further.

Keep your waste secure and protected

As with all of our steel products, the new lid goes through a hot dip galvanizing process to ensure that it is protected from the elements, extending the life of the steel and preventing it from succumbing to rust. With many risks posed to unprotected steel, we want our clients to be assured that the steel on our bins will remain in top condition for a very long time.

In these times where cleanliness is such a high priority, it was important that the product be easy to sanitise against bacteria and viruses, ensuring the protection of anyone handling waste around the containers.

Furthermore, waste will attract unwanted attention from pests such as squirrels and rats. Our steel lid is robust enough that vermin cannot chew through it and contaminate the contents of the container or cause further damage and mess. With a lockable option also available, this unique lid is virtually impossible to prise open, preventing unwanted break-ins of any kind.

Taking the market by storm

Storm waste containers with steel lids are being used in locations such as schools, blocks of flats, and hazardous waste collection sites. This market diversity, from trade waste through to domestic flats proves the effectiveness and flexibility of the lid, whereby its unique benefits satisfy any number of applications and requirements. The bin’s safety features have especially been well received, with the ability to extinguish fires a huge benefit to these types of locations.

For most customers, the ability to customise a container’s appearance is an important facet when deciding on their waste management solutions. When customers order new Storm 1100 and 1280 waste containers, they can have the lid powder coated to the colour of their choosing, matching brand, organisational needs, and any other colour-specific uses.

We can work to your specifications to get your new waste container looking and working in optimum condition. Other options include RFID tagging, din lifting points and customised printed graphics and logos.

The new steel lid is a game changer in our industry. We have invested a lot of time and money into research and development to launch the first steel lid bin manufactured in the UK, and our innovative manufacturing capabilities have allowed a number of unique benefits to surface.

Archie Logan, Sales Manager

With over £1 million of available stock, Storm is well prepared for any peaks in demand, so contact us now to order your Storm waste container, or come and view them for yourselves in our showroom. For more information, please watch our video below, which gives a clear and concise overview of this one-of-a-kind product.