Towing containers

Towing the line to success

Transportable commercial containers

Storm are the UK’s leading manufacturers of fire safe commercial 4-wheeled waste bins. These EN840 accredited containers are solidly manufactured with optional heavy-duty hooks and bars to support safe towing of multiple commercial bins, ideal for mass waste removal around hospitals, council residencies, factories, and general commercial areas.

Towing castor

Towing Castors

When containers are required for towing applications and where the speed is almost certainly more then 4kph, Storm would recommend its Heavy Duty 200mm Aluminium rubber tyre Castors.

Directional locks

Directional Locks

Fitting between the castor plate and the bottom of the bin, the directional locks keep the bins towing in a straight line and help avoid any un-necessary snaking whilst being towed.

Castor support

Castor Brackets

Triple reinforced 4mm thick castor brackets, which extends between the container side panels and base panel giving 7mm steel thickness in this vulnerable area.

Reinforced base

Reinforced Base

Deep Sump base to give high rigidity and stability with 5mm Reinforced strengthening plates welded both sides

Towing attachments

Towing Attachments

25mm Solid Bar Removable Tow Link System that enables you to police how many containers you want your operators to safely tow

Designed for life, built to exceed it

All of our commercial 4-wheel waste bins are designed with a multitude of robust features for both safety and convenience. All fully customisable from our factory, here in Kidderminster, perfectly located for distribution around the UK and beyond.

Working closely with local authorities over the years has helped Storm to be the first to develop many safety features that are now commonplace requirements for the commercial market. Our unique lid lock system and polycarbonate viewing panels have reduced accidents and even deaths due to unauthorised access.

The production of optional lightweight steel lids has created a vermin proof container, reducing the spread of disease and chance of injury. We have also created stronger hinges, wheels, and wheel locks as well as a convenient foot operated lid opener to improve cleanliness and hygiene. In addition to all these features, our containers are built with RFID tagging and DIN lifting points as standard and even developed a solution to the biggest problem of them all…

Putting a lid on fire

Plastic bin fires UK

One of the most dangerous risks of waste collection has always been fire, and in particular, commercial waste containment. At Storm Environmental, our Research and Development team have designed and built the solution to tackle this very issue, creating a model that would be effective in sealing and starving a fire, as well as secure enough to reduce the risk of deliberate acts of vandalism or arson.

At Storm, we believe in excellence and a commitment to quality. Our team has over 100 years of experience in the waste management industry and supply of 4-wheeled containers. We have put this knowledge and experience to good use in delivering this latest innovation, featuring all the safety benefits to tackle fires as well as all the practical features for towing and pickups.

Towing the way on choice

Our customisable towing EN840 waste containers are available in 500, 700, 770, 820, 1100 and 1280 litre models. The container bodies are manufactured in strong galvanized steel, with the option of a lightweight steel lid with a flattened Dutch bend safety edge, both of which can be powder coated in your choice of colour. There are a multitude of other options available, including: DIN lifting points, RFID tagging, foot operated lid system, lid lock, custom logo and graphics. All of our containers can be delivered direct from our Midlands based factory, using our own fleet of lorries.

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