Watch: New Video | Introducing the first of its kind, Reverse Lid Bin

Storm Environmental is developing and releasing a series of informative product videos, starting with an innovative new concept, the Reverse Lid bin.

Storm’s Reverse Lid Bin is the first of its kind and has been trialled recently in Hackney, successfully helping the council’s efforts to increase Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

Storm will continuously improve and innovate products to help minimise waste and its effects on the community and the environment. Watch the Reverse Lid video below for an insight into how we’re doing just that.

Watch: Reverse Lid Bin Product Spotlight

Reducing waste to landfill

Reducing waste to landfill is a call we’ve heard from many councils and it’s nothing new. Councils, businesses and households are all aware of the impact recycling can have and to one degree or another, we all know that we can do our bit to improve waste disposal in our environments.

It’s a shared concern that needs immediate action. Through Storm’s close relationships with the client-base and councils, a proactive approach is always preferred and looking into ways of preventing, as well as disposing of waste drives the innovations behind our products.

By separating dry mixed recyclables, you instantly reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill and so Storm’s focus is in making that action as easy as possible for councils, business owners and residents alike.

Ease of use and the benefits of the Reverse Lid

The Reverse Lid is available with our 1280L and 1100L containers and we do offer trials for prospective customers.

When a project concerns stringent recycling requirements and improvements in dry mixed recycling and reductions in waste to landfill are identified from the start, Storm can offer container trials, like the aforementioned Hackney trial. These trials will let you put our containers through their paces and see the results for yourself, first-hand.

If you’re interested in the Reverse Lid option for your waste and recycling containers, please call us on 01562 777100, enquire here or use the links below.

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